Local Color Brings Great Vibe to School Campus

This was an inspired idea! Have the after school kids create a series of murals together! Each mural depicted a scene from the local beach community of Encinitas, CA. The graphics were simplified yet dynamic in their design. These kids had a blast working on so many pieces to create such a vibrant body of […]

Logo Focal Point & Unique Borders!

    The congregation and students joined together to create this courtyard mural. The members of Seaside Center of Spiritual Living donated $100 for each tile they painted. The students added their tiles for a lovely presentation that lights up their play area! Money was raised to help benefit the school and magic was created by […]

Questions inspire Creativity!

The 50 year celebration for this elementary school produced such creative ideas for tiles! What were kids playing with 50 years ago!? How did they get to school? What comic strips were they reading? Oh what fun these kids had looking back in time. Image how fun it was for them to look AHEAD 50 […]