The Process

 Let the Painting begin!      Painting set up for individual tiles for group mural  

Tile Painting Experience with artist Lynn Adams


  • Students will be given a page with a 6” outline of a tile to practice the design for the day of painting.
  • Teachers are encouraged to discuss idea themes and to approve final designs.
  •  A list of writing prompts for tile design ideas will be given to the student and teacher.


  • The day of painting students will bring the completed paper design idea. Each student will be given a 6” tile and share a palette with 13 colors of paint. A variety of brushes and squeeze bottles will be provided. Tracing paper will be available. Clean-up is water.
  • Painting will take place at the lunch tables so there is a sense of togetherness in the creation.
  • Students will have one hour in which to paint the tile.
  • Tiles will be clear glazed, fired and returned to the school.
  • A teacher and 2 parents per class will be needed to assist the artists.


We have a team of professional tile setters familiar with our projects who will set your tiles in the location of your choice.

Please give Lynn a call, so she can custom create a tile painting project for your needs.  She has support materials and suggestions.
6” tile…$25 per student includes all instruction, paints, brushes, design ideas, support from the Artist and her team. Installation of mural to follow after firing of the tiles.

This is an experience to be remembered!

Call to discuss theme development and reserve time for your classroom, school or community organization.
cell 760-845-6972