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1992 began with 30 children and a visionary teacher at La Costa Elementary who wanted her children to paint tiles to honor who they were.

1993 A visionary Principal brought over 800 students at the Vista Academy of Visual and Performing Arts school together for the purpose of creating a tile landmark for their school and community.

1993 Delighted pre-schoolers painted a mural at A Children’s Garden in Olivenhain where the artist outlined the design on the tiles and the sweet little hands painted in the design. Were they ever surprised when the mural went up on the front of their school and they could enjoy it every day.

1994 The city of Del Mar and the forward thinking N.C. Soroptimist organized a tile painting fundraiser for the new Del Mar library. Families came together at a local children’s art studio to paint tiles with Lynn Adams to be displayed in their new library.

1994-2001 St. Anne’s School in Laguna Niguel painted tiles with the graduating class every year to create a mural as a gift to the school. Each year the theme reflected that interests of that collective year.

1994 & two previous years Students of Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary school created wonderful tile murals class by class. New students looked forward to the time when they could paint and contribute to the beauty of their school.

1995 Shiley Eye Center & UCSD painted tiles with child eye patients for a new hospital being built for the children. The tile mural was mounted low on the entrance wall so the children could admire and touch their tiles.

1996 Clairemont Town Square SD developers sponsored a month of painting tiles with over 1000 community children for this new public center. Through this event Boys and Girls Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other community based organizations united to create lasting beauty for their shopping center.

1997,1999 & 2005 Nierman preschool La Jolla painted tile murals as a fundraiser and beautifier for their center. The themes were beautiful and celebrated family, community and the history of the Jewish faith.

1999 Solana Highlands graduates painted a mural for their library as a graduating class gift.

2004 & 2 previous years 2013 Parkdale Lane Elementary School, Encinitas painted many murals to pay tribute to their wonderful children, adorn their school, and create dollars for continuing programs. The murals created in the fall after 911 gave the children a chance to honor their country in a lasting way.

2004 & 5 previous years Methodist Church Mission Valley, San Diego celebrated the lives of their children by painting tiles displayed in prominent places around their beautiful facility.

2005 Bonsall Elementary School PTA painted tiles as recognition of donors in a fundraising drive.

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, &2015 Crown Point Elementary, San Diego graduating class gift yearly painted by the students to celebrate their years of learning.

2006 Temple Beth El “Make Your Mark on the Wall” tiles of honor painted for a new building with symbols of their faith and community.

2006 Seaside Wisdom for Life School tile painting fundraiser with members of the Seaside congregation. Tiles were placed surrounding their logo with mosaic ray edges on a wall in the patio of the school.

2006 Van Gogh sunflowers painted by 3rd graders for an auction fundraiser. Each child painted in a different section of the mural.

2007 Hannalei Elementary, Vista as a fundraiser

2007 Empresa Elementary, Vista as a fundraiser

2007 Albert Einstein charter school honor wall with portrait of Albert Einstein in the center.

2007, 2008, 2009,  2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Toler Elementary, San Diego class graduation gift murals. Each year a new theme is selected and students rise to the occasion of creating tiles to represent the theme.